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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Porterbrook Local Group - Budrio

On Monday night in Budrio Stefano will lead one of the four local group to interact with the material we studied at the first plenary session of Porterbrook.

The goal is to challenge the students not only to think about practical applications in their lives, but also at how what they are learning can be implemented and transmitted in their churches.

Indeed, we are really excited by the fact that
only in the Bologna area there are students from
5 local churches, and in each local group we mixed the students from the various churches in order to encourage the interaction and learning from each other discussing the different ways in which we can live out the Great Mandate!

We will look at :
Character - Gospel living
1. A life for God
2. A love for God
3. Looking back: to the cross
4. Looking around: at the Christian community

Bible & Doctrine - Reading God's Story
1. What does it say?
2. Why does it say it?
3. So what does it mean for us?
4. What is it trying to do?