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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mid-week Bible Study - Gospel Change & Ice-Cream

Tomorrow evening we'll have our home-group mid-week Bible Study in Budrio.
We'll continue to interact together with Unit 6: 
Holiness - its nature of the module
Gospel Change from the Porterbrook course. 

The goal of the Christian life is to be conformed to the likeness of Christ (Romans 8:29). In this course we will learn how to apply the gospel to our everyday life.

After we'll continue our fellowship enjoying
a good ice-cream together!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Sunday service in Budrio - Acts 26

Tomorrow morning we'll continue our
summer house meetings with
our Sunday service.

Stefano will lead this Family Time focused on God's Word.
We'll continue our series on Acts engaging with Acts 26
"A certain hope and a reasonable faith!".

Our desire is to grow in our comprehension of
the unity we have in Christ and our vision for reaching out the community of Budrio with a sense of the global reality of God's Kingdom.

We'll have a time of vision and prayer for our church family, local and wide, and for our community, local and worldwide.

Together we'll pray for the follow-ups of the Exch@nge Camp and for the Camp in Sicily led by Jonathan & Annette!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Exch@nge Outreach Camp!

Apologies for writing so late about the last few days of the Exch@nge Camp, but we've been busy!

On Saturday we had a great Service Project painting the athletes' entrance of Budrio's Sport Centre.
We were encouraged to see many kids from the camp who came to work alongside the Houston team and the men from our church!
Local authorities have been very pleased by the work done and really appreciated the serving attitude we expressed.

In the evening we had a tasty Texan BBQ on the balcony of
the Theatre we use as church in partnership with the Le Torri
Café manager.
The place was full of kids and their families and other local friends we invited.
Many Gospel conversations took place, we are full of expectations to see the work of the Lord!

On Sunday we held a family service and more than 70 came along, including kids and their families.
Jonathan preached a challenging sermon from John 8:36 and Giulio the major came to thank our church for our presence in the Budrio community!

On Monday we had to say goodbye to dear Lily who helped in so many ways at the Camp.

With the Houston team we had a day to switch off enjoying Venice.

Then on Tuesday early morning the team flew back to the States!

We really feel so blessed by the Gospel partnership we enjoyed with all the Italian, British and American friends that share our vision to reach out Budrio and this community!

This is the great video of the 2015 Exch@nge Camp Budrio!

Friday, 3 July 2015

Exch@nge Outreach Camp - Day 5

Today we're having a great 5th day at the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio.
There are mixed feelings as it's also the last proper day of the camp.

Elia started the day with a very good talk from John 19:28-37 and the theme was the Death of Death in the Death of Christ.

Kids have been challenged to think about how do we know Jesus’ death is no accident and not the end and how His resurrection impacts our everyday life!

Later kids had the choice to play basketball with Mary or volleyball with Sarah!


We ended our English classes with a great lesson on Texan life!

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Exch@nge Outreach Camp - Day 4

Today we're having another great day at the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio!

This morning Michael gave a great Talk
from John 14:1-11 challenging kids to
engage with Jesus' statement that He is
the Way, the Truth and the Life!

After we had a true cultural exch@nge when Carli and Elizabeth coached the Soccer group.

Above all, Italian kids loved to play soccer Vs. Americans and finally, after they've been beaten in baseball, lacrosse and American football, they had the chance to win!!!

The other group enjoyed a relaxed time of Arts&Crafts with Lily making bracelets.

This group was very popular because they had the air conditioned :-)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Exch@nge Outreach Camp - Day 3

Today we had a great 3rd day at the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio!
Nunzio gave a great talk form John 3:1-18.
He has been very good in engaging kids with Nicodemus' story. We were challenged to think at what does it mean to have faith in Jesus and the reality of new life in Him.
We talk about the reality of Judgement and how Jesus is the only answer to our future.

After we had a great day at Budrio's swimming pool. We had lots and lots of fun, especially in one of the hottest days of this wonderful summer.
We were very encouraged by so many Gospel conversations that happened during this "relaxed time" by the pool.
We also bumped into a few local friends and it was good to engage with them too!

We closed the day with our daily English class and kids had lots of fun engaging with a clip from The Giver movie in which Jonas fells in love for Fiona.

So the theme was Love & Music and we had plenty of cheesy love songs which made all the girls happy!