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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Interactive Bible Study - Romans 12

Tonight Stefano will lead an interactive Bible-Study on Romans 12.

We'll focus on practical ways in which we can be individually members one
of another in
order to be that community which lives and testifies to the world
the love of God!

Second Earthquake in Bologna Area - By God's Grace we are fine!

Dear Friends, yesterday we had a second earthquake in our area.

At about 9.00 am our house shook quite a bit, but apart being a bit scared we are more than fine!

By God's grace also Stefano's parents and everyone in the church is fine.

We are praying for the families of the 15 people who died yesterday and for the 14.000 people sleeping in tents and the many that lost their homes and jobs.

There are many towns and villages severely affected by the earthquake, so please do pray for us in our witness
and practical ways in which we can show God's love for these people.

BBC In pictures: Italy hit by quake

For those who asked us about practical ways to help, Renata di Francia,
the Evangelical Association of the Reformed Baptist Church in Ferrara
is collecting offers to help the people affected by the earthquake.

Renata di Francia,
Via Livello n. 45 BORSEA – 45100  ROVIGO

Tel/fax: 0039 0425 404136  Mobile: 0039 348 8101416

IBAN:  IT 39R 07601 12200 000089867048

In your offer specify: Ai terremotati dell'Emilia
(to the people affected by the earthquake in Emilia)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

EMF - Sicily Trip

Today we'll have the visit of
Martin Leech director of the EMF (European Missionary Fellowship)  to talk about our ministry in Northern Italy.

Then will head to Sicily where Stefano will act as translator
during the visit to other EMF missionaries working in the isle, especially Vito Tangorra, pastor of the Refomed Church Maranatha in Santa Elisabetta (Agrigento).

Monday, 21 May 2012

Porterbrook Local Group

Tonight Stefano will lead one of the four local group to interact with the material
we studied at the second plenary session
of Porterbrook.

The goal is to challenge the students not
only to think about practical applications
in their lives, but also at how what they
are learning can be implemented and transmitted in their churches.

This week we'll look at:

Module "Church": Missional Community Life
1. Missional context
2. Missional community
3. Missional engagement
4. Missional intentionality

Module "World": Evangelism
1. The message
2. The messenger
3. Building relationships
4. Talking about God
5. Presenting the gospel

Bologna earthquake - we are fine!

Between Saturday and Sunday we had a serious earthquake in the Bologna area.

"At least seven people died and more than 50 were injured when the quake struck in the early hours of Sunday.
The magnitude six tremor, centred north of Bologna, destroyed or badly damaged many historic buildings.
Italian officials say the priority is to find safe accommodation for an estimate 3,000 displaced people."

(Click here for more info

By God's grace we are fine, and also my parents and everyone in the church is fine and our house didn't have any damage!
Thanks ever so much to everyone who prayed for us and wrote to us!

Jenny and I were away since I was speaking at a Conference at 250 Km from Bologna,
so we didn't feel much the earthquake.
But everyone in the area was very scared and shocked and we are still expecting some minor tremors.

Please do continue to pray for the people who lost their homes and the families of those who died during the earthquake!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Coram Deo - Weekend Conference

Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be at Chiesa Evangelica di Luni,
for the Coram Deo Conference on the Family.

Tomorrow Stefano will take two seminars:
- A biblical view of Marriage
- False myths about Marriage

On Sunday Stefano will preach about:
- A biblical view of Children

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Monthly House Prayer Group

Tomorrow night we'll have our monthly house prayer groups.

We will pray specifically for the work in Senegal and in China.
We'll focus on the work of WEC Italia and we'll pray specially for the team of Italians that in June will go for a short-term mission trip to help a Christian Hospital in Gambia.

Monday, 14 May 2012

YfC - 3Story Evangelism

Tonight Stefano is leading the last session of the YfC Italia training scheme for volunteers working with teens.

This training scheme
is called 3Story
and the goal is to help
Christians to connect
in a natural way with
non Christians and
to help them to know God!

Tonight Stefano will teach the session on: "God's Story"

Saturday, 12 May 2012

12/05/2012 Series on the Parables of our Lord – 33 “So Close, So Far...” Luke 16:13-15; 19-31

Tomorrow Stefano is continuing
the series on the Parables taught by our Lord,
preaching on Luke 16:13-15; 19-31
"So Close, So Far..."

  How can it happen?

How can't you see?

  How can it not be sufficient?

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Our latest newsletter

Dear friends, here is our latest newsletter,
(right-click and open it in a new window to read it in a larger format)

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Space - Sharing the Gospel with teens

Tomorrow afternoon Stefano, Jenny & Danielle will run the
My Space program.

This week the Rock Solid
Bible Study theme will be:
"Hall of Fame" and we'll study
Habakkuk 3:2, Psalm 105:1-2.

The goal is to help our young people who are living in a society driven by the search for fame, to understand that the goal of our lives is to glorify God.
Only in this way we can find the deepest satisfaction of life!

Westminster Shorter Catechism
Question. 1. What is the chief end of man?
Answer. Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Porterbrook - Bologna Local Group

Tomorrow from 3 to 7 pm we'll have the third plenary session of the Porterbrook - Bologna Local Group.

The meeting will be held in San Lazzaro Church and we expect about 35 students from 4 churches in Bologna
and a few from other towns and cities.

Tomorrow we'll start the third and fourth modules of the course:

Module "Church": Missional Community Life
led by Gianluca Derudas from Nuova Vita church:
1. Missional context
2. Missional community
3. Missional engagement
4. Missional intentionality

Module "World": Evangelism
led by Stefano Mariotti from San Lazzaro church:
1. The message
2. The messenger
3. Building relationships
4. Talking about God
5. Presenting the gospel

These are some of the videos from Tim Keller that we'll discuss at the meeting: