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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Second Earthquake in Bologna Area - By God's Grace we are fine!

Dear Friends, yesterday we had a second earthquake in our area.

At about 9.00 am our house shook quite a bit, but apart being a bit scared we are more than fine!

By God's grace also Stefano's parents and everyone in the church is fine.

We are praying for the families of the 15 people who died yesterday and for the 14.000 people sleeping in tents and the many that lost their homes and jobs.

There are many towns and villages severely affected by the earthquake, so please do pray for us in our witness
and practical ways in which we can show God's love for these people.

BBC In pictures: Italy hit by quake

For those who asked us about practical ways to help, Renata di Francia,
the Evangelical Association of the Reformed Baptist Church in Ferrara
is collecting offers to help the people affected by the earthquake.

Renata di Francia,
Via Livello n. 45 BORSEA – 45100  ROVIGO

Tel/fax: 0039 0425 404136  Mobile: 0039 348 8101416

IBAN:  IT 39R 07601 12200 000089867048

In your offer specify: Ai terremotati dell'Emilia
(to the people affected by the earthquake in Emilia)