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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Porterbrook Italia Second Residential

From the 27th to the 29th of September will have
the Second Residential of Porterbrook Italia
at the Serenissima Bible Church.

We'll have seminars on:
- Gospel and relationships
- How to apply Biblical exposition to Biblical Theology
- Global Impact
- Apologetics

and the introduction to the Porterbrook modules 5-8
that we'll teach at the Bologna Local Center.

The main speaker will be Steve Timmis.

Steve Timmis is the co-founder of 
an international group of church planting networks, and the co-director of the  
an initiative that trains church planters. 
He's also the director of Acts 29 in Western Europe and the co-author of Total Church.

Info about the book

Total Church pleads for two key principles for church and mission. First, the gospel as content: being word-centred (for the gospel is truth) and being mission-centred (for the gospel is truth to be proclaimed). Secondly, the community as context: sharing our lives as Christians and offering a place of belonging to unbelievers.
 Watch this video of Steve Timmis on what the church is and what the church is for: