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Friday, 25 January 2013

Porterbrook - Bologna Campus - Exams

Tomorrow from 3.30 to 6.00 pm we'll have the plenary session of the Porterbrook - Bologna Campus.

The meeting will be held in Nuova Vita Church and we expect about 25 students
from 5 different churches in Bologna.

We'll conclude the third and fourth modules of the 2nd volume foundation course.

The third module is Keep it Missional, taught by Gian Luca Derudas,
pastor of Nuova Vita Church.

"In this module students will look at how to keep the following all
about mission: Sunday gatherings and prayer meetings, Bible studies, preaching, visiting, pastoral care and even business meetings."

The fourth module is Apologetics, taught by Stefano.

"Traditionally apologetics has been the attempt to show the Christian faith to be rational. However this makes the mistake of thinking that
 the rejection of Christianity stems from a rational argument.
The Bible begs to differ. The problem is not with rational thought,
but with the human heart. The heart needs something more than arguments to change it.
What role then has apologetics? This module examines this question."

For the Apologetics module's exam students will be challenged to answer this question:
How would you reply to the assertion: "God hates homosexuals"?

To introduce this topic we'll watch a clip from the worldwide known show Glee.

In the episode the character Kurt Hummel says:

"I don't believe in God...
I think God is a kinda of Santa Clause for adults.
Otherwise God's a kinda of a jerk isn't he?
When he makes me gay and has his followers going around saying it's something that I chose, as if someone will choose to be mocked every single day of their life..."

This episode was watched by 11.20 million US viewers, and was the second most watched scripted show of the week among adults aged 18–49.
Prior to its broadcast, series co-creator Ryan Murphy predicted the episode would be Glee's most controversial, as it focuses on religion and what God means to the members of the glee club.