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Friday, 8 February 2013

Porterbrook - Bologna Campus

Tomorrow from 3.30 to 7.00 pm we'll have the plenary session of the Porterbrook - Bologna Campus.

The meeting will be held in San Lazzaro Church and we expect about 25 students
from 5 different churches in Bologna.

We'll start the first and fourth modules of the 3rd volume foundation course.

The first module is Gospel Change, taught by Mark Brucato,
co-pastor of Nuova Vita Church.

In this session, students will interact with these units:
1. The dynamics of gospel change
2. Gospel change and repentance
3. Gospel change and faith

"Bridging the gap between what we are and what we ought to be is one of God‘s great interests, and it ought to be ours as well. We need to change. Therefore it is critical that we understand how change takes place in our own lives and in the lives of those around us. This module looks at how the Gospel helps us to change. You will look at issues around repentance, faith, the head and heart and how the Bible, prayer and community relate to Gospel change. You will also take an indepth look at the issue of holiness – what it is and how it expresses itself in relationships, conversation and thankfulness."

The fourth module is Culture, taught by Stefano.
In this session, students will interact with these units:

1. Christ & culture
2. A Biblical history of culture
3. Recent cultural changes

"The goal of this module is to help students to 'engage with culture' in:
1. Understanding what culture is;
2. Looking at the typical Christian approaches to culture;
3. Exploring how the Gospel interact with culture.

The intention of this module is to help students to analyse their culture in the light of the Gospel. Particular attention will be given to analyse more 'products' (films, novels, etc.) than 'structures' (business, politics, etc.). We want to learn at how to share the Gospel in a more meaningful way
to our own culture. So we'll look at tools that will help us to relate the Gospel in normal conversations at pubs, children's clubs, offices, etc.!