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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nice memories after the New Year Camp @ Isola

After  the New Year Youth Camp @ the Christian Centre in Isola del Gran Sasso
we had a few days off,
so now we'll love to share some of the nice memories of this great camp!

The centre was beautiful and surrounded
by the Gran Sasso which is the highest mountain in the Apennines chain in Italy and a winter sky resort.

We had an amazing group of 54 lovely kids from all around Italy aged 14-19 years-old.
The theme of the camp was: Pure Love,
Stefano gave a series of five Bible Studies from the Gospel of John on Jesus' Pure Love expressed in his "I Am Sayings".
To interact with them we watched clips from MTv comedians, X-Factor, Harry Potter, Hunger Games & Twilight.
In every meeting kids had discussion groups to directly engage with the Bible.

We had a really great day on a nearby sky resort where kids had lots of fun skying, snowboarding and having snow balls fights!

We also enjoyed a good and hot Italian capuccino!

We also enjoyed a great
New Year's party with lots of theme games.

Stefano helped with the "American Room" teaching
kids the difference between
"East Coast" & "West Coast" :-)

We thoroughly appreciated this experience and we really enjoyed the fellowship with the other leaders feeling blessed by their Christian maturity and passion for the Lord.

Please continue to pray for these kids,
for what they've learned about Jesus' incredible and transforming Pure Love,
and for the ministry of this centre and the leaders from various churches in Italy!