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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

English Sport Camp Exch@nge 2014 Budrio - Day 3

Today we had a fantastic third day of the Exch@nge camp for teens in Budrio. 

We enjoyed spending most 
of the day at the local swimming pool in Budrio were we also played 
beach-volley and we have been entrained by some ethnic music played by our kids!  


In the morning Kristin gave a very good talk that challenged kids to think about their position facing God's love & justice.

Tomorrow Drake will give a talk from Luke 9:20-25 challenging kids to think about the idea of facing the one who invites you to live! 
In the afternoon Jenny will lead the English class with another clip from Gravity and a lesson on Describing People
Please join us in prayer for protection during the games and wisdom during the talk.
May the Lord use every moment of this camp to talk to the hearts of these kids!