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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Lunch meeting with Budrio's social workers

Tomorrow Stefano and Jonathan will have lunch with
Anna and Valentina, head of the social services in Budrio
and a social worker in charge of a few local families.

We are so encouraged by this incredible door the Lord is opening for our church-plant in Budrio.

Anna is enthusiastic of our presence in Budrio Community,
she's aware and appreciate the way in which we live out and proclaim the Gospel. Indeed last summer, she sent to our camp a kid from one of the families Valentina is looking after.
This kid is also fairly regularly coming to our My Space club.
So we'll love to develop an even deeper involvement with this family.

Join us in prayer for this meeting over lunch with Anna and Valentina, and that our involvement in the community will be marked by a spirit of true servant love and a clear Gospel presentation.