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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Food-bank collection 2015 @ Budrio

Tomorrow 7 Christians from our church-plant will be involved in helping at the second  food-bank collection for the needy families in Budrio organised by the town-hall in partnership with all the local realities who desire to serve those in need.

This event is part of the activities connected with the UN World Day of Social Justice, which promotes an active awareness for global development and
human dignity.

Our desire is to support our community in serving and caring for the needy led by a clear Gospel intentionality. We are really excited because two friends we are getting to know, have volunteered to serve alongside us.
Last year we had a few good conversations about how we want to walk in the steps of a Lord who loved and cared for the needy, in showing that the man's greatest need is met by His loving death on the Cross, the gift of His resurrected life, and a restored relationship with the Father!

Impatto A Budrio volunteers at the 2014 food-bank collection in Budrio
Join us in praying that this year too we'll be able to be a blessing for our community and to live and share the Gospel!