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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Budrio outreach March 2015 - Day 1

This afternoon the team from the Arkansas Baptist High-School of Little Rock, USA will arrive in Budrio.

This is the 3rd yaer we host this amazing team lead by Coach Billy Goss.

This year their group is made of 10 teens and 5 leaders and they'll stay with us till Sunday for two days of outreach.  

Tomorrow morning from 8am we'll be at the middle-school of Budrio.
We'll have 1 hour with a 3°year Class to play baseball, then 3 hours with three classes where we'll do conversational English about teenagers' life in US.

Throughout the whole morning American kids will have opportunities to share their faith and why they're spending their mid-term vacation in a mission trip.

The Arkansas kids prepared this video about "American life" to interact with Italian kids!

In the afternoon we'll have a trip in Comacchio.

First we'll do a boat trip in a bird reservoir to see the local population of flamingos and the last century fishermen's huts which have been all restored and turned into open air museums.

Later we'll have a walk in the town of Comacchio, which is known as the "Little Venice".