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Friday, 26 June 2015

Exch@nge 2015 Camp - getting ready

The second year of the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio is about to start!

We have 26 kids booked (5 more than last year).
Quite a few of them are coming back from last year, but the majority are new. Some of them are coming as follow up from the MySpace kids club during the school-year, others as follow up from the school work we did during the year and some because they saw the advertising in the Town-Hall website.
We also have some kids from a local safe-home for teenagers and others from families who are followed by the social service.
Some kids are Muslim, other JW, many Catholic and 3 from Christian families.

As you can see we have a variety of backgrounds and needs, so please pray
with us that the Lord will speak to each
one of them!

We are practically ready with all the preparation for the Talks (this year we'll do John's Gospel), for the English Lessons
(based on the movie The Giver) and for the various sports, games and fun activities!

Tomorrow our friends from the US and from the UK will arrive!
This year we'll partner again with Bethel of Houston Church, who is sending a team of Christian teens, their Youth Pastor and Youth Leaders to work in our Camp.
For the first year we'll partner also with Loughborough TCH Church who will send Lily to work with us as nurse.
Please pray with us for the travelling of the teams and our final preparation! Partner with us in interceding for the campers and their families!