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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Exch@nge Outreach Camp - Day 3

Today we had a great 3rd day at the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio!
Nunzio gave a great talk form John 3:1-18.
He has been very good in engaging kids with Nicodemus' story. We were challenged to think at what does it mean to have faith in Jesus and the reality of new life in Him.
We talk about the reality of Judgement and how Jesus is the only answer to our future.

After we had a great day at Budrio's swimming pool. We had lots and lots of fun, especially in one of the hottest days of this wonderful summer.
We were very encouraged by so many Gospel conversations that happened during this "relaxed time" by the pool.
We also bumped into a few local friends and it was good to engage with them too!

We closed the day with our daily English class and kids had lots of fun engaging with a clip from The Giver movie in which Jonas fells in love for Fiona.

So the theme was Love & Music and we had plenty of cheesy love songs which made all the girls happy!