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Friday, 18 September 2015

2 Newspaper articles about the Exch@nge Camp in Budrio

This summer, Matteo Radogna, 
a journalist
from the national newspaper -
Il Resto del Carlino -
wrote and article about the Exch@nge Camp in the local section sold in all the Bologna province.

Follows the translation of the article.

From Houston to Budrio, in the name of friendship
Students get together to paint the sport-centre
Solidarity and good will come from where you don’t expect it. It happens in Budrio where, during a cultural exchange between students from Houston – Texas and from the Bologna county, kids, amongst many activities done during the camp, painted some areas of the sport-centre. This initiative was part of the English Sport Camp Exch@nge, organized by YfC Italia and the Baptist Church Impatto A Budrio. Exch@nge is a camp for local kids aged between 11 and 18 years-old, which offers the opportunity to improve their conversational English, to practice a lot of sport and to engage in funny yet educational group activities. The vision of Exch@nge is to offer teenagers a healthy environment where they can live growing experiences in the cultural exchange with peers from Houston – Texas, to enrich each other interacting with themes like culture, sport, fun, life, faith and much more.  
30 kids from Budrio and 10 from Houston joined the Camp with the help of many leaders from Italy, UK and US. “This year we especially interacted with our community. Alongside sport and educational activities – explains Stefano Mariotti, a Camp Staff – kids have been involved in our traditional Service Project, where we painted the athletes’ entrance and stairways of Budrio’s Sport-Centre. It was great to see Budrio kids working hard side by side with Texan kids in this edifying experience for our community to learn how to care for our town”.
They didn’t only work, they also enjoyed their time. “We organised a traditional Texan BBQ on the balcony of the Torri dell’Acqua – continues Mariotti – for friends and families of the campers, in partnership with the Torri Lounge”. The perfect ending, before the Texan team left, was a service for the kids and their families “where we celebrated together – concludes Mariotti – this incredible week explaining the values of this project”.
Matteo Radogna

The Town-Hall magazine, Terra e Civiltà, which is distributed to every resident in Budrio, published an article about the Camp.

English Sport Camp in Budrio
From the 29th of June to the 5th of July, we held in Budrio Sport-Centre the second English Sport Camp Exch@nge with the endorsement of Budrio Town Hall, organized by YfC Italy in partnership with the local Baptist Church Impatto A Budrio. 30 girls and boys aged between 11 and 18 years-old from Budrio and surrounding villages, experienced an amazing week with 10 Texan girls and boys aged between 15 and 18 years-old, their 4 leaders from Houston and many other volunteers from Italy, UK and US. During the Camp we had a lot of fun and interaction in many activities. Every morning Italian and American kids had the opportunity to engage with a Talk of 45 minutes on the theme of the day, taken from the Gospel of John. Every afternoon they interacted with an hour and half of English lesson with an English native speaker. This year we especially engaged with our local community. On Monday morning we hosted a team from the Grizzlies Lacrosse of Prato (Tuscany) and in the afternoon we had the Budrio team of Tae Kwon Do. On Tuesday morning a group of Italian and American kids had the privilege to participate in a lesson with the local Parkinson group, interacting and learning from this incredible group of elderly people. On Wednesday we enjoyed a refreshing day at Budrio’s swimming-pool. On Friday we played basket-ball and volley-ball ending the camp with the great Color War! On Saturday we painted the athletes’ entrance, corridors and stairways of the Sport-Centre. In the evening we had a traditional Texan BBQ on the balcony of the Torri dell’Acqua for  the campers and their families and friends, with the precious help of the Torri Lounge. On Sunday morning we concluded the Camp with a service for the kids and their families where we explained what we did during this amazing week and what motivates our vision. We had with us the mayor Giulio Pierini, who thanked us for this great opportunity we offer to Budrio’s teens. We would like to thank especially the local authorities and the social workers for their support and a special thank you to the Sport-Centre staff who hosted us with passion and friendship, and offered us amazing lunches!
Stefano Mariotti,
YfC Italy vice-presidents
Pastor of the Baptist Church Impatto A Budrio