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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Getting ready for the Moonwalker Conference for Budrio high-schoolers!

Join us in praying for these weeks of preparation for the Moonwalker Conference for Budrio high-schoolers.

On Tuesday the 27th of October as Impatto Budio, we'll host in Budrio the retired U.S. Air Force officer and former astronaut for NASA, Charles Moss "Charlie" Duke, Jr as part of his Italy 2015 tour organised by Agape Italia in partnership with YfC Italy.

Charlie became, as Lunar Module Pilot for Apollo 16 in 1972,
the tenth and youngest person to walk on the Moon.

In Budrio we've organized a conference in partnership with the Town-hall for the two local high-schools, expecting 700 + students and lecturers in the beautiful 17th century
Theatre of Budrio.
Charlie will engage students sharing about his experience on the moon, motivating them to take seriously their school years,
but above all to think seriously about their standing with the Lord creator of the moon.

Indeed, Charlie takes every opportunity to share how the Lord has transformed radically his life and how as a man of science an technology, he finds only in the Gospel the real answers to all his questions and his identity in Jesus!

After the conference we'll have a lunch together with the Mayor and other local authorities of Budrio.

Please pray for these opportunities to openly share the Gospel and build up relations.

This is an article about Charlie published in the monthly magazine distributed by the town-hall to every resident in Budrio.

After having described Charlie's bio, it's written that his desire is to challenge the younger generation to take seriously their studies, their lives and their faith.