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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Exch@nge Camp Budrio 2016!!!

We're now enjoying Summer 2016 and
we're over our 3rd Exch@nge Camp in Budrio!

We feel so overwhelmed by the incredible ways in which the Lord has blessed this Camp. We had a total of 42 local kids who enrolled to the Camp, including 3 from a local Safe-Home for teens and
4 from families followed by the Social Services!

On Sunday we had 100+ people who came for the Service,
70 of whom were campers and their families!!!

We are always very encouraged by the passion of the US team from Bethel of Houston Church & the UK team from The Crowded House in Loughborough!

This year 4 local traders helped us in sponsoring the Camp for a kid from the Safe-Home or the Social Services. We value so much this response from the community and the relationships we're building!!!

Exch@nge Budrio 2016 Camp Video