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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Friday, 27 January 2017

Budrio Walk for Peace

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be at the first
Walk for Peace in Budrio
walking through the most significant 
places of worship and community of our town. 

This event promoted by the Town Hall,
desires to give a positive answer in this time of fear and uncertainty after the events in Paris, Nice, Berlin, Ankara and Aleppo!

As a church we decided to adhere to this event alongside other religious and cultural associations as an opportunity to share the true peace that only Jesus can give.

We were asked to choose a "man of peace" to embody the Evangelical view of a peacemaker, so we thought to introduce Budrio community to the figure of John Newton and his conversion from rebel to preacher, from slave-trader to campaigner for the abolition of the African slave trade.

In the booklet distributed during the day 
by Budrio Town Hall,
we wrote this great quote by John Newton

God has given us His infallible Word, 
and promised us His infallible Spirit—
to guide us into all necessary truth! 

In the study of His infallible Word, 
and in dependence upon His infallible Spirit, none can miss the way of peace and salvation, who are sincerely desirous to find it.

During the walk, the first stop will be @ 
the theatre we rent for our Sunday services.
While people will walk through
we'll sing Amazing Grace whose words
people will be able to read in the booklet.

At the end of the walk,
we'll all meet in Budrio main square
where Stefano will have the first speech
to present the Biblical view of peace with God and between men.

Please pray for this great Gospel opportunity!