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Friday, 17 March 2017

March Outreach - Baseball Clinic @ Budrio High-School + Spring Festival

Today we had a great day @ Budrio middle school engaging with more than 300 kids. 

Now we established a great relationship with many teachers, which year after year invite us to do our programmes with their students.

It is always encouraging to see the American teens' passion to share the Lord's Gospel with their Italian peers! 

We also had a really good time @ the MySpace club in the afternoon.
Some new kids came including 4 from the HUB for under-age asylum seekers.

We played many fun games all together with the team from Arkansas, and Billy gave a really powerful Talk about Jesus' love for messy and broken people!

Tomorrow morning from 8am to 1pm
we'll be @ the high-school of Budrio where Jenny teaches English.
We'll play baseball with 2 classes for a total of about 50 students!
This is the first time we are invited by a new sport teacher!

In the afternoon we'll take part at the first Spring Festival,
for the 10th Anniversary of Budrio Council of Associations!

The team from the Arkansas Baptist Preparatory High-School 
of Little Rock, will take part in the afternoon programme!

At 3.30pm Coach Billy Goss will first hold a baseball clinic in Budrio's main square, to teach the basics to everyone participating at the Festival.
Then at 4.30pm we'll move to the train station park,
for a real baseball game!

Join us in praying for this opportunity to engage with many families from Budrio's community and to share God's love for them in words and actsions!