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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Living out our faith in the community

Yesterday evening we were invited,
alongside many associations in Budrio,
to a meeting in the Town Hall about a new project to redevelop a 1923 storehouse.
The project, that will start in the next year,
is to give back to the community this historical building, redesigned to serve as a cultural and meeting place for families and young people.
It was great to be part of this decision making process as part our town!
This evening we'll have the Bologna Pastors' Fraternal hosted by San Lazzaro Church.
We'll have time to share and pray for each others and our for churches.
We'll also plan some common outreach events and joined services working to develop
a vision for a shared approach towards training, outreach and church-planting.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be firstly at the Town Hall meeting to coordinate all the summer camps in Budrio, presenting our English Sport Camp Exch@nge.

Then we'll be at meeting to organize the next Food Bank Collection for the needy in Budrio on Saturday the 6th of May!

Join us in praying that the Lord will use all these opportunities to reach out in our community and to extend our vision for churches cooperation in the Lords' Harvest!