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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

MySpace Club 4 Teens - Freedom!

Tomorrow afternoon we'll have
the My Space Club 4 Teens
we offer during the school-year.

We organize this club for local kids,
in partnership with Budrio Town Hall
as part of their after-school programme.

In this way we have a fantastic room with a courtyard in Budrio Library and the social workers are sending some of the kids they follow. As part of our club, we also offer help
with their English home-works.


Together we'll engage with the YfC Rock Solid material,
interacting with the theme: Freedom!
We'll play lots of fun games like:
Cheesepufs' Challenge, DodgeMud, 
Free the bear, Worse/Worser/Worserer, Braveheart & Freedom, The Great Escape, Let go/Let GOD, For Freedom, which will serve as illustrations to Stefano's Talk from John 8:30-36 where we'll discover that only in Jesus we know the truth that set us free!