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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Prayer & Envisioning Meeting

Tomorrow evening we'll have our mid-week prayer & envisioning meeting.

Our desire is to build up our church to have a passion for our community with a global vision for the work of the Lord!

This morning we had a very good meeting with the new Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Budrio. 


We donated them and to each Councilor a New Testament with this dedication: 
We pray for you and your role as church (1Timothy 2:1-6) recognizing that there is 
no authority except from God, and those 
that exist have been instituted by God 
(Romans 13:1-7) 
So tomorrow we'll pray for each Councillor of our town and their responsibility!

We'll also pray for the missionary trip of YfC Italy to Bulgaria where a team of 8 teenagers and young adults will serve in amongst the local ROM community and local churches.