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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Outreach with under-age asylum seekers: Basketball Clinic

Tomorrow we'll continue
our outreach programme for migrants at the HUB for under-age asylum seekers in Budrio,
in partnership with YfC Italy.

In a village next to Budrio,
last year was opened the second biggest centre of the Bologna area, to host under-age migrants landed in Italy. At the moment they host about 30 kids, mostly Muslim, from various African and Asian countries.

We offer a series of Basketball Clinics with Coach Chris Bilyeu, a former Principal, Teacher and Coach of Basketball, Baseball and American Football from Oklahoma,
now part of the Bologna staff of YfC Italy.
We are very excited for this opportunity for our church to reach out these kids and for the new partnership with the manager of the Mezzolara Sport Centre.
Join us in praying for Chris and us that we'll be able to share
Jesus' Love to these kids, the HUB staff and the Sport Centre staff,
in words and actions.