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Saturday, 25 February 2012

My Space - Sharing the Gospel with teens

Tomorrow afternoon Stefano & Jenny will run the My Space program.

This week the Rock Solid Bible Study theme will be:
"Despair in the desert" and we'll study 1 King 19:1-18.

We'll see that after everything Elijah’s been through and everything he’s seen God do, suddenly he gets scared and he does what some of us might do when we come up against something that scares us: he runs away!

 But God is still with him.

Even when Elijah’s at his lowest point, God is still there, to look after him, provide for him, and give him the strength to carry on.

So, firstly, when we’re at our lowest, all we have to do is cry out to God, like Elijah does, and we’ll find that God is with us. Secondly, we need to be willing to listen!