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Monday, 20 February 2012

YfC - Schools Work - Stop The Traffik - Report High School Fermi

Thanks for your prayers on Saturday the 18th for our High School Assembly.

About 70 students choose to participate at our seminar on Modern Day Slavery.

We started our presentation with some clips from the movie "Amazing Grace" presenting the life of William Wilberforce and how his faith led him to fight against slavery.

Then Priscilla, a YfC volunteer, was able to share how the same faith in the same Redeemer is leading her and other Christians from her church to do a ministry amonst prostitutes in Bologna.

The students were very interested and responding and it was good to see some of the kids who came to our summer camp that are studying in that school.

Lecturers and Students Reps invited us to do more events in their school,
so please continue to pray for this door!