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Friday, 8 June 2012

Porterbrook - Bologna Local Group

Tomorrow from 3 to 7 pm we'll have the fourth plenary session of the Porterbrook - Bologna Local Group.

The meeting will be held in Nuova Vita Church and we expect about 35 students from 4 churches in Bologna
and a few from other towns and cities.

Tomorrow we'll complete the third and fourth modules of the course:

Module "Church": Missional Community Life
led by Gianluca Derudas from Nuova Vita church:
Unit 5. Missional rhythms
Unit 6. Missional hospitality
Unit 7. Missional stewardship of time
Unit 8. Missional stewardship of money
Unit 9. Missional grace

Module "World": Evangelism
led by Stefano Mariotti from San Lazzaro church:
Unit 6. Introducing to Christian community
Unit 7. Living to provoke questions
Unit 8. Answering questions
Unit 9. Casual conversations about Jesus

We'll watch and discuss these videos: