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Monday, 25 June 2012

Porterbrook Local Groups

Tonight Stefano will lead one of the four local group to interact with the material
we studied at the fourth plenary session
of Porterbrook.

The goal is to challenge the students not
only to think about practical applications
in their lives, but also at how what they
are learning can be implemented and transmitted in their churches.

This week we'll look at:

Module "Church": Missional Community Life
Unit 5. Missional rhythms
Unit 6. Missional hospitality
Unit 7. Missional stewardship of time
Unit 8. Missional stewardship of money
Unit 9. Missional grace

Module "World": Evangelism
Unit 6. Introducing to Christian community
Unit 7. Living to provoke questions
Unit 8. Answering questions
Unit 9. Casual conversations about Jesus