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Friday, 2 November 2012

Missione 2012 Conference - 1st day

At the moment, this is the "Missione Conference"
with most participants ever.

Many missions are present with seminars and at the Expo:
Open Doors, Archippo, Joni & Friends, Arab World Ministry, SIM, 9:37, Operation World, WEC, New Tribe Mission, OM, Youth for Christ,
All Nations, Latin Link, Agape, Porterbrook, Acts29, Compassion, and many more...

Kids writing "Mission" at the beach

Yesterday we had our first evening with the Under-18 group.

We have a really lovely group of 16 kids from
11 years-old to 17 years-old, some are Italians, some English and Americans and most of them are missionary kids.

 This morning we had a special seminar for them about the "Arabic Spring" and all what is happening in these days in the Muslim world.

It has been really encouraging to see them in little groups praying for countries such as: Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Iran, Egypt and Lybia.

Zhoar, a Moroccan lady from Muslim background who became a Christian in Italy, shared her testimony and challenged them to reach out to their Muslim school-mates.

This afternoon Stefano will lead a seminar in the main program about reaching out in Italian High-Schools, challenging churches and Christians to feel the burden for this generation!