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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Missione 2012 Conference - 2nd day

Yesterday we had an amazing evening with the Under-18 group at the Missione 2012 Conference!

Indeed, we had a presentation about India from two of our friends that went there this summer for a short-mission trip organised by Claudia Pignatelli, director of WEC Italy.

Kids really enjoyed and responded well to the challenge of actively praying for the needs of this country!

This afternoon, we'll have a presentation about the YfC Project 32.

Project 32 connects young people from all over the world - training and serving in outreach programmes right across the island of Ireland.

This will be a unique seminar since we asked some teenagers that went there last summer to present their experience and vision.

In this way we'll have teenagers motivating other teenagers about mission and seeing themselves as an active part of the Great Commission.