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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Home-groups Prayer Meeting

Tomorrow night we'll have our monthly

Home-groups Prayer Meeting.

During this meetings we pray for World Evangelism, and
for the missionary work in Senegal in which we are involved.
We pray for Italy and our region Emilia-Romagna and
for the cooperation we have with different churches in
the Bologna Area and for the outreach activities we have.

This month we'll pray specifically for the Food-Bank project we are setting up with other evangelical churches in the Bologna Area in cooperation with the national agency OCEPAD (Italian acronym of "For all things are possible with God" Mark 10:27).
As Christians we want to show God's love in serving the needy in Bologna.

This month we'll also pray specifically for the Persecuted Church in Uzbekistan.

From Operation World:
Expatriate Christians serving the Lord in Uzbekistan have almost all been expelled 
and foreign agencies shut down – a mixed blessing as it forces the indigenous Church 
to unite, mature and stand firm. 
Pray that those whom the Lord has called 
to minister to Uzbeks might find ways and places to serve them and win them to Christ. 
Only a small fraction of the Muslim majority have ever had the opportunity to hear the gospel.