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Monday, 15 April 2013

YfC - Schools Work - Tomorrow High School Aldini

Tomorrow from 12 pm to 14pm, Stefano, Jennifer and Marco will be at the Aldini High School for a School Project.

This time we'll interact with two classes on the topic of addiction.

We'll engage teens to think about : 

Food addiction, Substances addiction (including alcohol and smoking),  
Sex addiction (including Porn addiction), 
Media addiction (including TV, mobiles, computer games, social networks), 
Gambling and Shopping addiction.

Then we'll challenge them to see that behind every addiction there's always a form of egoistic self-idolatry.

This will be an amazing opportunity for Marco to share with kids about his past addition to drugs and to a wild life style.
Marco will also share with them how Christ renewed his life giving him a "New Start"

We'll then challenge kids to think about 
what they wanna do with their lives:
To "Stand by" their addictions and self-idolatry,
To "Turn Off" their consciences and lives,
or to "ReStart" with Jesus!