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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sunday afternoon meeting in Budrio - Interactive Bible Study

Tomorrow afternoon we'll be with our friends at the Budrio Sunday afternoon meeting & Bible Study.
For the summer period we'll meet at the Park in Budrio, enjoying fellowship and fresh air in the shade!
This meeting is held in cooperation with a local group of Christians  from Nuova Vita Church in Bologna who are all living in or near Budrio.
In this group we study the "Gospel Living" module of Porterbrook,
and tomorrow we'll interact with
the material we've looked in these months

"Starting from the position that all life is for the Glory of God, this module looks at what it means to live a life for that glory. It will mean loving God and loving others, shaped by the cross and looking to the future glory that we will share with Jesus. Having laid this foundation the module then examines how this impacts daily issues such as decisions, friendship and possessions."