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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Exch@nge 01

Tomorrow we'll start our fourth Exch@nge Camp!

We'll have a day of games and English classes,
we'll play Frisbee, Dodge-ball, Football & Volleyball.

In the morning we'll watch a clip from the Hunger Games.

In this clip we'll see Katniss & Gale's life in the District 12 and 
how they dream a different world. So we'll ask ourselves:
How does District 12 communicate bleakness & despair? 
How are the people powerless?
How are the woods so starkly different 
to other scenes in the movie?
Stefano will give a talk on Isaiah 65:17-25 where God shows us the "World we All want": a world where the wolf and the lamb will feed together. 
We'll see that our "world of suffering" is not the end of the story and that Jesus promises there will be a new world with new life in Him!