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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Habakkuk House Groups Bible Studies - Groups' Leaders Training Meeting

In November we'll start in San Lazzaro Church a new series of Bible Studies on Habakkuk for the monthly House Groups.

Tomorrow afternoon we'll meet with the six leaders of these groups to look together at the book of Habakkuk.
We'll look at the main message of the book,
at how Habakkuk fits with the whole Bible story and
how Habakkuk presents us Jesus.

For these studies we'll use the book by Jonathan Lamb: 
From Why to Worship: Habakkuk, which is available in Italian.

Would God be enough if we were to lose everything else?
Would we be able to say, with Habakkuk, that although we had nothing  we would “rejoice in the Lord”?
This is a challenging book.
Lamb brings Habbakuk’s prophecy to life, showing how we can take God with us into our darkest times.

Jonathan Lamb  is on the staff of Langham Partnership International
As international director of Langham Preaching he works with national leaders to build local movements committed to Bible exposition and to provide training, resources and support for a new generation of preachers.