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Friday, 1 November 2013

Porterbrook - Campus Bologna plenary session

Tomorrow from 3.30 to 7.00 pm
we'll have the plenary session for
students of the advanced years of
Porterbrook - Campus Bologna.

This meeting will be held in Forte Torre Church and we expect about 15 students.

We'll continue with the first and second module of the 1st volume advanced course.

The first module is Living the Cross and Resurrection,
led by Stefano.
In this session, students will interact with these units:
7. Life to die
8. Resurrection promise
9. The Kingdom of God is at Hand- Eschatology and Mission

This course shows how the cross and resurrection provide the pattern for discipleship in the everyday.
It calls us to live out the radical implications of grace and to apply the way of the cross to every area of life. We’ll discover how the cross and resurrection empower us in Christ for a life of sacrificial service and joy.
We’ll be encouraged to live a risk-taking life on mission to the world as part of a community of people empowered by the cross.

The second module is The Bible in Missional Perspective,
led by Gianpaolo Aranzulla, pastor of Forte Torre.
In this session, students will interact with these units:
7. The method established - a people
8. Failure and remedy - one man for a people
9. The story continues - a people

The bible is the story of God's plan and purpose to redeem a people for himself. This is how God wants to be known. This course will teach us to understand how the bible fits together around this theme. It will show us how Jesus fulfills God's salvation plan and how we fit into God's purposes as the Church. The course will introduce us to biblical theology in a way that will reshape your life around the gospel.