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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thanksgiving outreach week - Day 2

This morning we had a great second day of our Thanksgiving outreach week in Budrio and Molinella.
Today we were invited for the very first time in Molinella High-School.
Stefano and Jonathan with Foster and Laura from the Agape Italia Team (Campus Crusade) had a good time  interacting with 2 classes of 16 kids aged 17-18yrs.

We had some good conversations both with  teachers and students. We also had, once again, a first had experience of how materialism and mysticism has a strong influence on young people. Some kids openly shared about their atheism or interest on Buddhism, but not in God.

Join us in praying for tomorrow when Stefano, Jennifer, Miriam, Jonathan and Kristin with other American friends from the Agape Team will be with 5 classes at the 2 High-Schools in Budrio.

3 of the kids who come to our My Space club attend these schools, so it will be great to go in their classes!