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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Thanksgiving outreach week - Day 3

This morning we had a challenging third day of our Thanksgiving outreach week in Budrio high-schools.

Today we had the opportunity to speak in
2 classes at Budrio's High School and for the very first time in 3 classes of Budrio's Vocational School.

Stefano, Jenny, Miriam and Kristin with Heather, Laura, Alex, Austin, Jonathan and Taylor from the Agape Italia Team (Campus Crusade) had a good time interacting with a group of 80 kids aged 16-17yrs.

It has been challenging when we had 40 kids all together from the Vocational School.
Yet the teachers were very appreciative of the opportunity given and the Agape boys have been very good in interacting with the kids.

Austin has been very good not only for his imitation of a turkey sound, but above all for how he shared that the reason he's most thankful it's because of Jesus Christ's love for him at the cross!

Join us in praying for tomorrow when Stefano, Jennifer, Miriam and Kristin with other American friends from the Agape Team will be again in Budrio's high-school with 2 classes of 14-15yrs.