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Friday, 12 December 2014

My Space Budrio - Club for teens

Tomorrow afternoon we'll have our My Space Budrio club to reach out local teens.
Please pray with us, that this will be a meaningful opportunity the Lord will use to call them.

We'll interact with the YfC Rock Solid material following the theme: The Real Christmas!

We’re all aware of just how easy it is to lose sight of the real meaning of Christmas.
Shopping, writing endless Christmas cards and entertaining obscure relatives can all edge Jesus out of our celebrations.

Tomorrow we'll challenge our teens to think about whom we want really to celebrate this Christmas and why!

We'll play many funny games to illustrate this point and we'll engage with these two videos:

Tomorrow we'll at the end of the club we've invited the parents of the kids attending the My Space Budrio Club.
We'll have a nice time together drinking some hot chocolate and playing funny games.

Then Stefano will read the Real Christmas Story from the Gospel of Luke 2:1-20.
Pray with us that many of them will come and that we'll have a good and profitable Gospel time with them!