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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Monday, 1 December 2014

Thanksgiving outreach week

This exciting week of outreach in Budrio and in the nearby town of Molinella has been challenging and envisioning at the same time.

Now we are a bit tired and we've been stretched quite a
few time in the last days.
Yet we feel so blessed by the great doors the Lord has opened, by the fellowship and support we received by
many friends from our core-group, from the incredible Agape Italia Bologna Team (Campus Crusade) and from the churches of San Lazzaro and Nuova Vita!

We have so many reasons to be thankful to the Lord for
His faithfulness and wisdom and to be part of such a great family in Christ!

During the last week we've been invited to present our program, about the history and significance of Thanksgiving, in 7 schools in Budrio and Molinella.
It was the first time we've been able to go
in the Vocational School in Budrio and the High-School in Molinella.

In total we've been able to interact with 390 local pupils and 5 teachers really appreciated our message and said they would like to work again with us!

On Saturday 3 new kids came
to our My Space club out of the presentation done in the schools.
Justin and Carli were great in connecting with them and in sharing about being thankful to Jesus from Luke 17:11–19.

One of the activities was to challenge teens to think about 5 people they were thankful and to write a message to them.
A 16yrs boy who came to the Exch@nge Camp in July and now is regularly coming to the club, wrote a message to us, thanking for all what we are doing for him.

Yesterday evening we had a great time at Le Torri CafĂ© offering the traditional Thanksgiving Pies.
About 20 people came out of the invites we distributed during the week and about 60 people were normal clients.
The Agape Team dressed-up as "Pilgrim Fathers" and had opportunities to share their reasons to be thankful to God for Christ.
We had many great conversations and we pray that the Lord will use this to speak to some of these old and new friends we met in this week.

Video about the outreach work in the schools.