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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Monday, 11 May 2015

Blessed days @ Budrio

On Saturday we had another great day with The Cage at the High-School in Budrio.
In the afternoon we had the tournament in the square of the theatre we rent for our services, sponsored by the manager of the Café we use for our MySpace Club.
More than 60 local kids and young adults came for the event and listened very carefully when we gave two Gospel talks!

On Sunday morning we had a very encouraging service and our new Dutch friends took part in it.

Harm, the YfC leader, shared that their project to come to Italy to help, started when as a team they realised how it's true that
'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'

We also experienced this joy in making a special collection for the Nepali church and population after the earthquake.
Later we had a fellowship lunch at the park.

In the afternoon we had the last tournament at a local park in Budrio.It was great to see kids already waiting for us.

Nino from our church gave a talk to challenge kids about what really matters in life and how in Jesus we can be fully ourselves and in relation with God.
Stefano asked to a kid from Muslim background, who came to our camp and every afternoon to the Cage, to say what
we do differently at the Exch@nge Camp,
and he answered: "We read the Gospel"!

In these days we were able to engage with more than 350 local kids, and as a church-plant we experienced in a small measure the incredible blessings of being part of Jesus' beloved bride.
Pray with us that the Lord will use every single Gospel word that those kids, their teachers, those parents and young adults who came, to call them to salvation!

Video about these days in Budrio!