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Friday, 15 May 2015

YfC course for youth-workers & training for Camp Staff

Tomorrow from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm,
we'll have in Florence the YfC
Course for Youth-Workers hosted by
the Chiesa Cristiana Biblica.

Liz (YfC staff in Tuscany) & Stefano,
will lead the final series of seminars on
Practical ministering to teenagers.

Tomorrow we'll interact on how to have a ministry towards
young people solidly grounded in the Word of God.

Liz will lead the first seminar engaging students
with some practical teaching skills on
how to plan and run a Rock Solid Bible Study and
how to plan and run a My Space Club.

Stefano will lead two seminars in the morning
and one in the afternoon.
With the first seminar: Mobilize & Creativity,
we'll challenge students to prepare a series of Bible studies for a summer camp like Exch@nge that will use a movie
to engage teens coming from non-Christian background.
We'll use as example the old movie Juno, which is full of themes that will challenge the teens world-view.

The second morning seminar will deal firstly with one to one discipleship.
We'll be challenged by God's example in Ezekiel 34:15-16 to see the individual sheep in the flock.

Secondly we'll engage with prayer and how to develop a biblical prayer life
for youth leaders that embody and encourage a prayer life for teenagers!

In the afternoon seminar,
Stefano will explore
the topic of partnership
firstly in exploring how
to start a school ministry and how to prepare
schools programmes.

Secondly we'll see how to engage with local social workers
and foster homes for teenagers run by social services.

After we'll have Licia Saillen,
a Christian educationalist and family counsellor,
who will lead first a seminar for Youth Leaders engaging with
the topic of sexuality and pornography.

Later Licia will lead a seminar for parents
engaging with the topic of how to talk with teenage children
about sexuality from a Christian perspective.

In the evening Stefano will have
a work-supper with the Campo Sport Staff on "hot themes" in engaging with today's teens!