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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Camp - Bible Action 2012 - Day 03

Day 03 of the Summer Camp Bible Action 2012.

This morning for their devotional kids read from Luke 7:36-39 the story of the Pharisee Simon and of the sinful woman.
They've being challenge to see that the actions of Simon and of the woman were revealing their feelings towards Jesus!
What our actions reveal of the way we think of Jesus?

Tonight Stefano will give a talk on the parable of the Two Debtors from
Luke 7:36-50, challenging the kids to
realise that we are really thankful to Jesus only when we understand the depth from which he saved us!

Now the 6 groups went for individual day trips, so please pray for Jenny and the other leaders as they'll spend the day just with the kids from their room, that the Lord will use this time for developing good conversations.