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Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer Camp - Bible Action 2012 - Day 08

Day 08 of the Summer Camp Bible Action 2012.

This morning for their devotional kids will read from Genesis 3:1-12 the story of Adam & Eve.
They'll be challenged to think
that every time we do say:
"This is the way in which I'm made" as an excuse for what we've done, in the end we are blaming God for our sin.

Tonight Stefano will give a talk on the parable of the "lost sons and their father" from Luke 15:1-2; 11-32, challenging kids
to perceive that both sons are rebels,
both dishonour the father and that the father comes to welcome both.

Today we'll have our final walk at Lago Nero e Capanna Mollino 2320 meters.