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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer Camp - Bible Action 2012 - Day 09

Final Day of the Summer Camp Bible Action 2012.

This morning for their devotional kids will read from 2 Samuel 11:1- 12:7 the story of David and Nathan.
They'll be challenged to think
that when the story told by Nathan spurred David to condemn the rich man, in reality he was condemning his own sin.
David had to come in repentance to the Lord who forgave him.

Yesterday evening at the end of the talk we had a free time of prayer and a few kids committed to walk with the Lord and to be witnesses of His love with their friends.

This afternoon kids will return to their homes, so please pray that they'll continue to be challenged by what they've learned during this week and that they'll continue
to read God's Word.

Tomorrow we'll have a special time with the staff and then, after clearing up the camp site we'll return home!