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Monday, 1 July 2013

Exch@nge 02

Tomorrow at the Exch@nge Camp we'll have a day of Arts&Crafts, games and English classes, we'll play American Football & "Sharks & Minnows".

In the morning we'll watch a clip from the Hunger Games.

In this clip we'll see the weird Capital city life style, 
especially their cheering the Hunger Games' contestants.  
So we'll ask ourselves:
How do the Capitol people relativise morality for its own convenience?
Is that a picture of today humanity’s pathetic pleasure & 
messed up morality?
Markino will give a talk on Isaiah 59:2-6 showing how in those days no one called for justice. 
They relayed on empty arguments, they conceived trouble and give birth to evil. 
But today Jesus says of us all we’re traitors and so in trouble!