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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Exch@nge 05-06

Tomorrow and Saturday at the Exch@nge Camp we'll have a whole day at the swimming pool!!!

In the evening we'll go at a hostel on the hills surrounding Bologna and we'll stay there till Saturday morning. 
We'll have an Italian BBQ and a bonfire with games!
On Friday evening we'll watch a clip from the Hunger Games.  
In this clip we'll see the portray of death and grief.
So we'll ask ourselves:
Is there a light for those in darkness?

Claudia will give a talk on Isaiah 1:18-20 pointing out that crying out for help it's necessary and that Jesus says: Come to those who know their sins! 

On Saturday morning Letizia will give a talk on Isaiah 9:2 showing that Jesus is our only hope and that He can give us true joy and satisfaction in His freedom!