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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Monday, 16 December 2013

First Sunday Service in Budrio - some pictures

Yesterday morning we had our first Sunday morning Service
in Budrio in a hall in the main sport centre of the town.
There were 17 adults plus a lovely group of 9 children,
all from the Budrio area.

Stefano opened the service with a reading from Luke 24:44-48 underlining the continuity in the Bible history of God's people
in proclaiming Christ to all nations reaching us today in this Acts29 church-plant.

Jonathan Gilmore, director of Impatto (Acts29 Italy), and from June 2014 our co-worker in the Budrio church-plant, preached for us from the book of Exodus, challenging us to see how in our everyday difficulties and worries the Gospel of God's salvation makes the difference.
God is present amongst his people in freeing us and leading us to a life of active worship of His Name.

After the sermon we divided in to three groups to discuss how to realise the transforming power of Jesus' Gospel in our lives. Stefano & Jenny led the group of the children and it was really good to see that there are no generational barriers in how the Word of God speaks to us.

Here are some pictures of this "milestone" in the church-plant work in Budrio: