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Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Space Club 4 teens - Christmas Party

This evening we'll have the end of year party of the
My Space club for teens run by Nuova Vita church and
San Lazzaro church in partnership with Youth for Christ.

Stefano will give a talk from Luke 2:8-20 challenging kids to be "Good Young Shepherds" following the example of those shepherds of more than 2.000 years ago.

Those shepherds came to listen the Word of God,
they believed in Jesus because they saw in Him
their Saviour, Christ and Lord.
Then they went back in their everyday lives telling everyone of the joy of this transforming Good News!

Are we ready to come to the Word of God
and to see our need of Jesus as Saviour and Lord,
Are we ready then to go in our communities,
and to tell everyone of the Good News of Jesus' redemptive life?

Let's rediscover this way to celebrate Christmas!