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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Thankfulness after the Thanksgiving meal in Budrio organized by ImpattoABudrio

Yesterday we had a thanksgiving meal in Budrio as a first event organized by ImpattoABudrio (Acts29).
In our little kitchen John & Peggy and David & Karli cooked an amazing meal
for 40+ people!

Then we had a wonderful time in the room we rented in our village, which it was beautifully decorated by our Italian friends Markino, Matteo, Simone, Giacomo, Carol, Miriana, Gianluca and Nella from Nuova Vita church and San Lazzaro church. 

These friends not only decorated the room and tables, but also looked after kids, and, dressed up as Squanto & the Pilgrim Fathers, served the meal!

This gave all the friends from the Budrio area who came for the dinner a lovely family environment, nicely concluded by a time of thankfulness and vision for the work in Budrio led by Stefano.