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church-planting in Budrio, Italy

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Arkansas Baptist School @ Budrio Day 3

Yesterday morning we've been with the team from Arkansas Baptist School at the middle-school in Budrio.
This is a new door the Lord has opened.
We've approached a few times this school and the doors always seemed closed, till recently through a teacher we got to know from a different school, we were able to be invited by one of the English teachers working there.
Yesterday we had an hour with a class of 13 years-old kids and after playing baseball, Maddie shared with them her faith in Jesus.

After a picnic in the park, we had the incredible opportunity to play baseball with a group of people in their 20s onward who have learning disabilities or recovering from addictions followed by the social services.
One of them was really scared in the beginning to have to play this "strange" sport with people speaking in a "strange language", but at the end he said: "Can we play more? Will you be here next Tuesday?
We felt really blessed by this opportunity, and Todd was really good in sharing his faith with them.

Later we had at the sport centre of Budrio the Baseball clinic organized for local kids.
Initially we were a bit discouraged by the little number of kids that came, but later we realized these were the one that really wanted to come and we were able to talk to two parents who were very interested to know more about what we do and the summer camp.
We were moved by the appreciation of Silvia, the director of the sport centre, who in a very difficult family time, was there to help us, enjoying the ways in which the whole team was living their faith in serving Italian kid and the Budrio community!

Today we'll be at the biggest high-school in Bologna to have 3 hours of baseball with 3 classes.
We have a long term friendship with the English teacher that always give us opportunities to interact with her classes.

In the afternoon we'll have a trip to Ferrara!